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(12-13 September) On 12-13 September, the legend of Lituanika will revive in Vilnius Mountain Park. A special programme for the jubilee festival is prepared by the group Airija and other Lithuanian performers. An unexpected show is promised by Andrej Makarievich, leader of the group Mashina Vremeni, who sharply opposes the war in Ukraine; a collection of his favourite songs is prepared by Boris Grebenshchikov and his legendary group Aquarium. The jubilee concert will be crowned by a unique project of Vladimir Chekassin, where the jazz coryphaeus promises to combine computer graphics, jazz music and the best performers of rock music.

For more information visit: http://www.vilnius-events.lt/en/event/lt-roko-festivalis-lituanika/


(17 September) Vilnius Documentary Film Festival (VDFF) is proud to have a loyal and intellectual audience, as well as appreciation from documentary filmmakers from the Baltic States, who annually make appearances at the festival. The organizers have always been searching for a dialogue with its audience; therefore various discussions are organized to bring the spectators together with the filmmakers. Many renowned documentary gurus had participated in these meetings. The master classes are meant to strengthen international networking within documentary field and create space to produce new ideas, cooperation opportunities and to enrich the knowledge of the new generation of documentary filmmakers.

For more information visit: www.vdff.lt


(18-20 September) From 18th to 20th September Nations’ Fair will take place in Gediminas avenue in Vilnius. The most active masters of crafts and culinary of national communities as well as virtuosos of songs and dances will come to the Fair. During the Fair locals and city guests will have an opportunity to take a look at national handmade pieces of work, they will be introduced to traditional dishes of various nations as well as the subtleties of the way to prepare them and a great variety of recipes. As in every festival Nations‘ Fair will abound in music, entertainment and festive buzz.

For more information visit: www.tautumuge.lt


(18 September) During every equinox of the autumn we celebrate Lygė feast which indicates the transfer from the warm time of the year to the cold time of the year. From the early days of our history at this time of the year there were customs to make sacrifices to the gods for the harvest, thus emphasising the importance of the margins between different climate conditions prevailing in certain seasons. During Soviet times these celebrations turned into autumn harvest fairs.

Autumn equinox takes place at the time when the day and night become of the same duration. The impressive play of fire sculptures is a traditional event for the Autumn equinox. Sculptures of wood and straw are created by professional artists, and candles are placed into different ornaments and lit by schoolchildren of Vilnius.

For more information visit: www.etno.lt



(9-10 October) This year “Beepositive” light festival will shine brighter than ever before! Festival organizers, Creative workshop Beepart, located in Pilaitė district of Vilnius, is planning to noticeably widen festival territory, grow audience and present many interesting light installations in territory of all Vilnius. “Beepositive” organizers are actively working not just in Lithuania, but also abroad, and promoting the festival. The festival growth is Beepart prior activity and aim. While the last half a year a lot of things have been done, that festival would become larger and louder. At the moment it is known, that we will meet four artists from Scandanavia, while they will be making light installations in the topic „Mystical water”. The possibility to invite artists from Scandinavia is funded by Nordic Culture Fund. Many installations are planned to be made in the city center and Vilnius suburb regions

For more information visit: http://www.vilnius-events.lt/en/event/vilnius-light-festival-beepositive/


(19-24 October) International singer-songwriters’ festival “This is Me” (“Tai – Aš”) is held annually on the 3rd week of October. It’s a unique event which takes part not only in Vilnius, but also in other Lithuanian cities as well as in Latvia and Poland. Full concert halls and appreciation of audience are an obvious evidence that this festival is very important and necessary. Thanks to the festival, singing poetry, a mixed genre of music and poetry, stands equally to other genres. The festival is a great opportunitie to present all similarities and varieties of singing poetry, chançons and bards songs to the audience. The festival “This is Me” becomes an important part of Lithuanian cultural life and gets all Lithuanian and foreign performers and their admirers together.

For more information visit: http://www.tai-as.lt/



(10-14 November) Lithuanian Folklore and Ethnography Centre of National Minorities together with school of traditional Slavic music and Vilnius Russian folklore centre are organizing international folklore festival “Pokroskije kolokola”. The festival boasts concerts of the best folk groups performed by Lithuanians and national minorities, living in Lithuania, as well as the concerts performed by the guests, coming from the ethnical homelands of the national minorities, living in Lithuania (Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Byelorussia etc.); a scientific conference for solving the problems of traditional cultural preservation will take place; master classes will take place, during which the leaders of folklore groups will share their experience with others and will take an opportunity to get to know unique method techniques of how to preserve the traditional culture.

For more information visit: http://bnn-news.com/calendar-cultural-events-lithuania-international-folklore-festival-pokrovskije-kolokola-121538


(13 November) Mumiy Troll are coming to Pramogu Arena to present their new album “Pirate Copies”.

For more information visit: http://www.songkick.com/concerts/24631879-mumiy-troll-at-pramogu-arena