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Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world and it’s an awesome place to visit! Here are 15 reasons why you should visit it.


  • Explore the Helsinki Cathedral! The beautiful and historically significant Helsinki Cathedral is an Evangelic Lutheran church, and for many it is the symbol of Helsinki. The church was designed by architect Carl Ludwig Engel in the 19th century as part of the Empire-style-downtown Helsinki area.
  • Stroll along the Helsinki boulevards. Lined with beautiful neo-classical buildings containing upmarket stores, and separated by a pretty park where you'll often find music performances and impromptu picnics, a stroll along Esplanadi – either during the day or at night – is a Helsinki ritual.
  • Visit the Suomenlinna fortress! One of the largest fortresses in the world, Suomnelinna fortress was built over six islands. While it's still home to the naval academy, these days Suomenlinna's sprawling parklands make it a popular picnic spot, with concerts and other performances also taking place.
  • Treat yourself with Finnish design! Whether you like art, fashion, architecture or interior and industrial design, Helsinki is the place to be and the city’s design district is something not be missed. Brands like Marimekko and Artek are both big names in the Finnish design industry.
  • Take your kids to Santa Claus Village! Santa Clause does exist, and he’s Finnish. You can visit Santa’s village in Rovaniemi, take a picture with him and see the Elves’ Factory, as well as learn about Finnish Christmas traditions.
  • Ride a reindeer sleigh! After meeting Santa, get to pretend you are him by taking the reins of a reindeer sleigh and learn all about these incredible creatures.
  • Have the real Finnish sauna experience! Did you know that the word sauna is the only Finnish word that has made it into international vocabulary? That’s because sauna was invented in Finland and it’s very much part of Finnish culture.
  • Enjoy magnificent scenery and breath-taking landscapes all four seasons. And you don’t need to look further than the Finnish capital. The Helsinki Archipelago has over 300 islands – and that is the first view that greets you when you’re flying to Helsinki!
  • The Open-Air Museum at Seurasaari reveals how Finns lived over the centuries and it’s worth to visit. The authentic wooden buildings from different parts of Finland tell the stories of Finnish life from the 18th to the 20th century.
  • Experience the nation of heavy rock! Finland has had success with classical music and pop music, but the music that seems to make it across the world is heavy rock. From HIM to Children of Bodom, Nightwish to Hanoi Rocks – the music culture is definitely on the heavier side. 
  • Chill out in the picturesque city of Porvoo! It is one of the six medieval towns of Finland. The Old Town of Porvoo is largely intact and given the size of the town, has a great deal of activities and sights to explore including a toy museum and Porvoo Cathedral, as well as canoeing in the gentle stream.
  • Sleep in a snow castle! Also in the small town of Kemi is the largest snow fort in the world! The Snow Castle, built in just a few weeks to be opened by the end of January each year, also includes a Snow Restaurant, Snow Chapel and Snow Hotel.
  • There are 37 national parks in Finland, with the total surface area of 8150 square kilometres. They’re scattered around the country’s archipelago, lakes, forests, peat lands and fells, and showcase the areas’ various natural characteristics, such as rapids, rift valleys and eskers.
  • Swim in the land of 1000 lakes! Finland has over 180,000 lakes, and with a population of 5.4 million people it averages out at around 28 people per lake – which is pretty impressive.  With the north venturing into the Arctic Circle, it’s not uncommon for the few up there to be frozen over in winter. 
  • Experience a REAL winter! The southern half of Europe tends not to experience snow whereas the north tends to get winter flurries each year, but if you drift north of your comfort zone and experience a Finnish winter, it’s something you’re unlikely to forget!