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Stockholm - city, in which even experienced traveler will always see something new, previously unseen. More than 70 museums, numerous art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, bars, and department stores offer visitors to relax mentally and physically. All districts of Stockholm have a peculiar shape, so those who want to see the most precious pearls of the city have to go away from the Drottninggatan Street and tube outside the center. Shops placed in the the district of Ostermalm (Östermalm) are specializing in the sale of high-quality products, and the Vasagatan Street, the major street in central Stockholm named after King Gustav Vasa, is a mecca for lovers of antiques. In the district of Sodermalm (Södermalm) can be found the most modern cafes and boutiques, but major department stores are located in the center of Stockholm, in the district of Norrmalm. On the streets of the Gamla Stan (Old Town) can get in touch with the history, and in small shops can buy works of art, souvenirs and handicrafts.


Anyone who spends the night in Stockholm has the opportunity to plunge into the nightlife of the city. Stureplan, a high-end public square in central Stockholm, where many clubs are open until 5:00 in the morning is a festive paradise. At the information board on the ferry "Silja" that cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm, can buy a card "Stockholm", which allows to take advantage of various great offers while walking around the city and visiting the sights. After purchasing the card, you will receive a guide of Stockholm and the right to free public transport and free entrance to museums. In addition, on the ferry you can buy discounted tickets for public transport.


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Aland Islands 

Aland Islands are located between Sweden and Finland, in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. It is an autonomous Swedish-speaking region of Finland with its own flag, stamps and their own domain on the Internet (.ax). Swedish is the only official language of Aland Islands. The population of the Aland Islands is 27 500 people. Of them, about 11,000 live in Mariehamn, Aland's only town.


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